Financial Independence

The ultimate goal of good financial planning should be to achieve and maintain complete Financial Independence efficiently within a specified time frame, where:

Financial Independence is the point in your life where your assets provide for your desired lifestyle, without the necessity for you to continue working.

While many people would scoff at the notion of being able to build up sufficient assets (including Pensions, Savings and Investments) to maintain their lifestyle costs, we can show you that it is not only possible, but actually very doable if you set appropriate targets and create a clear guide to show you how to get there.

The process works as follows:

  • At the first meeting we will complete your confidential questionnaire. Should there be any outstanding information we would urge you to provide us with this information as soon as possible after the meeting, in order for us to commence preparation of your report.
  • Following on from the completion of the ‘Cashflow Management’ exercise, and assuming there is the facility to contribute (in whatever format possible) towards your future financial wellbeing, we will begin working on that element of the plan.
  • Having completed these initial recommendations (i.e cost savings etc), we will begin the next steps of your planning process looking towards the future. In consultation with our Technical Team, we will concentrate on the planning required to get you to Financial Independence.
  • Thereafter, we will review your plan regularly and take actions with you so that your Financial Freedom is achieved.

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