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You can do this to access equity in your home in the form of cash, to consolidate debts or for a better rate of interest. Though not as freely available as during the 2000’s, nonetheless, if you have had your mortgage for several years it is likely that you have built up equity in your home which you may be able to access. You also might be paying at a higher rate than people who are taking out brand new mortgages as banks often give better rates to new customers than they do to their loyal customers.

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Debt Consolidation
Taking all outstanding loans and turning them into one loan at a lower interest rate than homeowners would normally pay for car loans, credit cards or personal loans. This is a more efficient way of meeting those monthly commitments from a cashflow perspective. For this type of service we use our expertise in personal finance to make sure that any restructuring of debt is done so for the right reason and in a manner that benefits you (either in the short or long term, or ideally both).

Equity Release
Equity is the difference between the value of a property and the mortgage outstanding on the property. As property values fallen significantly in Ireland over the last number of years people may not have any equity and therefore the idea of using it to consolidate debt may not be open to you. However for older clients, or those with smaller mortgages, it is a service that is still available and we can explain your options to you.

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