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From our experience, the company executive has many of the same holistic financial objectives as his self employed neighbour, but often believes that they have traded in a certain degree of control over their plans for the security that comes with a regular pay-check. Our objective is therefore to show that, while there may be certain restrictions on what you can do to accumulate wealth, there are still a vast number of options open to you, and prudent planning is just as important as for the business owner.

As detailed here, all clients of Curran Financial Services who wish to use our Financial Independence Planning service are asked to complete a number of comprehensive questionnaires from the outset. One of these is a straightforward Factfinding Document – used to gather the hard data about your financial circumstances and incorporate them into our advanced planning tools. The other is a much broader investigation into your attitudes to wealth, family, tax and life goals. We find that by asking you to complete an exercise in telling us exactly what you feel about a whole range of issues, we are much better positioned to offer you fully individualised recommendations and a wholly bespoke report and list of recommendations. Please click on the link to see our Life Survey and feel free to complete and send back to us.

The major factors that determine an executive’s facility to reach their long term financial goals are generally related to their ability to efficiently manage cash-flow in the family. As such, one of the most important parts of our Fact-Find is the family budget spreadsheet. Here we ask you to honestly record your income and outgoings (or provide us with relevant statements to do for you) in order to calculate your true levels of ‘lifestyle income’ and see how difficult saving for your future will actually be. As most of our clients already know, retirement provisions in most private companies are not sufficient to provide a desired level of income in retirement, and it therefore comes as no shock for you to be told that you will need to save more!

Where we differ from most of our competitors, however ,is that rather than leave you with a recommendation to contribute €X towards your Financial Independence, we actually work with you to find those funds from your existing income. We do this by reducing the cost of your outgoings – life insurance etc – and improving the investment performance of your assets, whatever they may be. One of the most regular types of positive feedback we receive comes from individuals  who didn’t believe they had any facility to save for their future until we guided them from start to finish. We are confident that this is the case with most people who walk through our door.

Of course there are many people for whom the idea of being able to save is a pipedream right now. One of the largest growth areas for us in recent times is in assisting clients who feel overwhelmed by the levels of debt facing them into the future and the pressure being placed on them and their families by various lending institutions. We are continuously acting on the client’s behalf in negotiations with the banks and have an established track record in getting through debt restructuring proposals and agreements that all parties are satisfied with.

See our Company Exective Case Study here to see how we helped a client turn their finances around in a relatively short space of time and set them on the path to Financial Independence.

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