Here at Curran Financial Services we deal with a wide range of clients – from individuals looking for advice on policies or their finances, to companies hiring us to manage their company schemes.

Our philosophy is that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have, everyone is entitled to the same level of service and care around their requirements, and this is something we believe separates us from our competitors.

The only thing we ask of you is that you engage fully with us from the start – appreciating that to get the best result for you there will always be a level of work involved. Our transparent, fee-based offering requires that you keep on top of the time spent in advising you and the nature of the recommendations that we will make, and for this reason we always ask that you commit to signing a terms of business when you agree for us to act on your behalf. This is your security – ensuring that both ourselves and you, the client, are clear from the outset about what it is you expect from us, and what we believe we can provide for you.

For this website we have presented a number of different client ‘types’, in the hope that most of you will fall under one category and can get a better appreciation of the types of services we can offer. You will see that there is some overlap in these offerings – after all, there generally isn’t a huge difference between the needs of a salaried employee to those of a company director. We believe you are all looking for good, honest advice on how to make your money work harder for you, and irrespective of your employment status, wealth or aspirations, we are confident that we are just the firm for you.

We want to ensure you that just because you don’t necessarily fall under these categories, you still feel that we are suitable advisors for you. Therefore, below we have listed a number of different types of client, either currently using our services or who have done so in the past. It is not exhaustive, but hopefully you can see yourself, at least partially, in some of these examples. Either way, contact us for more detail.

Who we work for:

  • Trustee’s, HR Managers or pension administrators in small to medium sized businesses (20  to 200 employees), where they feel that the level of service offered by their current providers – including both the administrator/broker and/or investment manager – is not worth the fees that are being charged (or especially where they don’t know what these fees are). We offer:
    • Significant savings on administrative and investment fees guaranteed
    • One on one consultations with members of the scheme, at least yearly, to ensure that they understand and have a stake in the investment strategy appropriate to them.
    • The facility to significantly expand the types of investment available to members, especially those in senior roles or approaching retirement.
    • Clients approaching retirement. This is an area we have considerable experience in, though it differs in many ways to the typical financial planning process. We will use our expertise to ensure that your pensions (and non pension assets/liabilities) are all correctly structured to minimise tax exposure, and are appropriate to your needs for income generation, growth and estate planning.
    • Individuals who are looking for someone to negotiate with financial institutions on their behalf. We have worked with many clients in this area, and are able to navigate what can be a very confusing path on your behalf.
    • Companies looking to raise finance in the private (i.e. Venture Capital) market, or indeed individuals who are looking for unconventional investment opportunities.
    • People who have questions about what will happen to their ‘estate’ when they die. We offer a comprehensive Estate Planning service that incorporates the most up to date tax issues and opportunities.
    • Clients who have left an employer, but who wish to take control of their old Pension/Retirement scheme. Using a structure known as a ‘Retirement Bond’ we can offer them full control (and indeed in some cases access) of their funds in a cost effective and transparent manner.


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