Is Passive Investing Creating a Market Bubble?

There has been some talk in the media recently about a potential investment bubble  being created by passive investing, for example this article from the Irish Times. As a ‘Passive Investment Firm’ we do regular research on this whole area and felt it would be useful to offer our thoughts on a topic that is […]

Our Summer Event

We had a wonderful evening last Thursday at our summer event held in the Davy offices in Dawson Street in Dublin in conjunction with Davy and Dimensional Fund Advisors.  We kicked off with a drinks reception before dinner. After dinner the panel discussion moderated by Sarah McInerney from Newstalk Drive covered a range of topics […]

What Lies Ahead? – Event June 15th 2017

This Thursday, June 15th, Curran Financial Services are hosting a dinner for our valued clients at the Davy Offices in Dawson Street. After a drinks reception and dinner, Sarah McInerney, of Newstalk Drive will chair a discussion with Brian Hayes MEP, Gerard O’Neill of Amárach Research, and Alan Werlau the Senior Investment Strategist at Davy. […]

‘Allocation Rate’ – Two Words that could be Costing You Thousands (and how to fix it)

The Financial Services Industry is rightly accused of lack of transparency when it comes to fees. We are often challenged by new clients to explain our charging structure (which we are happy to do), usually because the individual has never dealt with an advisor who explicitly mentions fees. People are used to the ‘nod & […]

Staff & Service News

As anyone who works in business knows, there is always a fine line between growth and service capability. While business development is absolutely key to survival, too often companies focus on bringing in new clients to the detriment of their existing relationships. Over the last few months myself and Louise were very conscious that we […]

JCI Cork Launch 2017 ‘Cyber-Finance: A New Age in Money Management’

In January I was honoured to be asked present to the members of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) in Cork. Having previously spoken at the JCI National Conference, the leadership team felt their members would benefit from a similar themed presentation. At the Clayton Hotel on a Saturday morning (they’re very dedicated!), I spoke for […]

Dip the Toe or Dive right in? Learn About Averaging…

With the arrival of the new year, it is common to hear talk about taking up a new activity – mostly fitness related. One of the questions people ask when they start a new endeavour is whether it is better to take your time and slowly ease yourself into it, or just grab the bull […]

Forget the New Gym Membership…. Here’s a Financial Planning Workout that’ll Really Kickstart 2017!

If you’re like me, you’ve now reached the point in the Christmas break when you’ve eaten and drank enough for a small army, you’ve watched every movie you wanted to see (including Die Hard, twice of course) and the thought of getting back into the office and closing the door actually makes you smile to yourself […]

Trump as US President – What Now?

Many of you woke up this morning to the incredible news about Donald Trump winning the US Presidential Election, while others, like myself, endured the developing story long into the early hours. Either way, the impact of this result is profound and likely to reverberate globally for some time. Optimists will take a view that […]

Commitment Devices and Protecting your Future Self

Following on from my recent talk to the local chapter of the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Galway, I was delighted to be asked to present at their national conference, which took place on Saturday last in my Alma Mater of NUI Galway. The Junior Chamber International group contains some of the most entrepreneurial and enthusiastic young business people […]

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